Course Outline

The MA in Board Practice and Directorship (Stage 3) comprises of two modules taught over one intensive rezidential week, an 6 month individual research project and a 1 or 2 days Board Annual Conference. Module cover topics like:

PG Dip Module 6: Research and Analytical Skills for Board Directors

PG Dip Module 7b: Private, Public or Third Sector Boards

PG Dip Module Module 8: Business Challenge

PG Dip Module Module 9: Board Annual Conference


Assesment Process

For Module 8 there will be a written assignment of 12,000 words (100%). For Module 9 a written assignment of  2,500 words (100%) and a 3,000 words (50%) paper plus presentation and Q&A at the Conference (50%). Module’s 8 assignment accounts for 40 credits. Module’s 9 assignment for 60 credits.


Course & assesment timeline

9th November 2022 / Envisia Day
10-11th November 2022 /  PG Dip Module 6
12-13th November 2022 / PG Dip Module 7b
dates to be confirmed / PG Dip Module 8 
dates to be confirmed / PG Dip Module 9 
dates to be confirmed / Assessment 


Application Process

Entry requirements
Applicants should have successfully completed Stage 1: Postgraduate Certificate 
and Stage 2: Postgraduate Diploma of Henley MA Board Practice and Directorship Programme.

Enrolment process outline
Mandatory graduation of PG Dip (Stage 2)

Enrolment Timeline
dates to be confirmed 

Fees MA Stage 



Life-Long Learning