Course Outline

The MA in Board Practice and Directorship (Stage 3) comprises of two modules taught over one intensive rezidential week, an 8 month individual research project and a 1 or 2 days Board Annual Conference. Module cover topics like:

PG MA Module 6: Research and Analytical Skills for Board Directors

PG MA Module 7b: Private, Public or Third Sector Boards

PG MA Module Module 8: Business Challenge

PG MA Module Module 9: Board Annual Conference


Assesment Process

For Module 8 there will be a written assignment of 12,000 words (100%). For Module 9 a written assignment of  2,500 words (100%) and a 3,000 words (50%) paper plus presentation and Q&A at the Conference (50%). Module’s 8 assignment accounts for 40 credits. Module’s 9 assignment for 60 credits.


Course & assesment timeline

9th November 2022 / Envisia Day
10-11th November 2022 /  PG MA Module 6
12-13th November 2022 / PG MA Module 7b
dates to be confirmed / PG MA Module 8 
dates to be confirmed / PG MA Module 9 
dates to be confirmed / Assessment 


Application Process

Entry requirements
Applicants should have successfully completed Stage 1: Postgraduate Certificate 
and Stage 2: Postgraduate Diploma of Henley MA Board Practice and Directorship Programme.

Enrolment process outline
Mandatory graduation of PG Dip (Stage 2)

Enrolment Timeline
dates to be confirmed for each cohort

Fees MA Stage 



Life-Long Learning