Course Outline

The Postgraduate Diploma in Board Practice and Directorship (Stage 2) comprises of three modules taught over an intensive rezidential week, covering topics like :

PG Dip Module 4: Board Information and Communications

PG Dip Module 5: Board Reputation, Responsibility and Public Relations

PG Dip Module 7a: Mentoring and Coaching for Board Directors


Assesment Process

For each module, there will be a written assignment of 3,000 words (60%) and a case study (40%) presented in a 2 day workshop. Each module’s assignment accounts for 20 credits.


Course & assesment timeline

26 -27th February 2023 /  PG Dip Module 4
28th February- 1st March 2023 / PG Dip Module 5
2 -3rd March 2023 / PG Dip Module 7a 
4th March 2023/ Envisia Day
3rd April 2023 / Assessment PG Dip Module 4
2nd  May 2023 / Assessment PG Dip Module 5
31st  May 2023 / Assessment PG Dip Module 7a / Journal
19th -21st June 2023 / Assessment PG Dip Module 7a/ Interviews 



Application Process

Entry requirements
Applicants should have successfully completed Stage 1: Postgraduate Certificate 
and of Henley MA Board Practice and Directorship Programme.

Enrolment process outline
Mandatory graduation of PGCert (Stage 1 )

Enrolment Timeline

9th December 2022 / Deadline for receipt of payment forms
12th December 2022 / Official feedback on admission and confirmation of cohort running
19th  December 2022 / Official offer submission from Henley, if successful application
18th  January 2023 / Offer acceptance and payment

Fee PGDip Stage 2



Life-Long Learning