Course Outline

Thematic Structure Of The Programme
60 hours in class (May – November 2022)

Chapter I: BOARD - Fundamentals

1.    Legal framework, existing governance structures and specific features
2.    Types of Board & Membership categories
3.    Roles, responsibilities, and accountability in and within the Board – individual and collective

Chapter II: Role Of The Board And The 6 Important Responsibilites That Cannot Be Delegated

2.1 Strategy
1.    Strategy - Value Creation
2.    Strategy - Risk Management 
3.    Strategy - Internal Control 
4.    Strategy - Business Continuity
5.    Strategy - Digital Transformation and the impact of the Artificial Intelligence

2.2  Financial Oversight
1.    Financial Planning and Accounting Policies

2.3  Human Resources Strategy
1.    Human Resources Policy
2.    Board Composition, Appointment of members. Recruitment and Succession plan for the CEO
3.    Remuneration policy. Stock Option Plan (SOP) 

2.4  Delegation Of Authority
1.    The process of delegation of authority - responsibilities 
2.    The process of delegation of authority - liabilities 
3.    Professional risk insurance - D&O liability insurance policy

2.5  Executive Team Activity: Oversight, Reporting
1.    Annual financial reporting process
2.    Non-Financial Reporting. External audit

2.6  Protecting The Company's Business Values And Principles
1.    Code of Ethics and Conduct/Integrity Principles/Sensitive Transactions, Conflict of Interests. Equal treatment of shareholders
2.    Transparency and market abuse - principles 

Chapter III: 4 Main Pillars Of An Effective Board
3.1. Assessments And Succession Plan At Board Level

1.  Appointment to the Board
2.  Performance evaluation of the board and the executive team

3.2. Committtees: Specific Roles, Responsibilites And Activites 
1.  General Secretary— role and duties
2.  Processes and way of working
3.  Nomination and Remuneration Committee
4.  Audit Committee
5.  Advisory Board – the benefits for the company

3.3 Decision-Making: Data And Information, Listing Process  
1.  Effective corporate communication at the board level - internal and external
2.  Decision-making at board level
3.  Business Intelligence - support in the decision-making process
4.  The listing process – a strategic decision

3.4  Relation And Their Dynamics At The Board Level
1.    Board - CEO relationship: dynamics and conflicts in the board
2.    Managing complex relationship with stakeholders
3.    ESG principles for boards 
4.    Diversity, integrity, and inclusion polic


Assesment Process

The evaluation at the end of the programme consists in a simulation of a board meeting.  The evaluation commission will include 3-5 board members from: Envisia – Boards of Elite, the Bucharest Stock Exchange and other representative authorities and institutions


Course & assesment timeline

​​3 & 4 June 2022 / Session 1
7 & 8 July  2022 / Session 2
16 & 17 September 2022 / Session 3
7 & 8 October 2022 / Session 4
3 & 4 November 2022 / Session 5
25th  November 2022 / Examination
9th  December 2022 / Graduation Ceremony

Attendance requirements: at least 85% (min. 51 hours)


Application Process

Entry requirements
A good BA degree (or equivalent) or a Master’s degree
Organisational leadership/board experience, or at least three years’ senior management experience with board-level access
One referral from a Board of Director’s level or top management
Access to a live board-level governance challenge

Enrolment process outline
Fill in the Application Form (online)
Upload Your CV in English (in the Application)
Copy/scan of the official qualification diploma / certificate transcript in English

27th of May 2022 / Enrolment closing period
3rd of June 2022 / Start of the Programme



The Effective Boards Director Programme helped me understand the mechanisms of an accelerated and responsible development of a company and implicitly of the leader in me.
Dr. Anca Mitu 
NED & Consilier CEO Transgaz

The Effective Boards Director Programme is part of BVB’s strategy to support education for the local capital market stakeholders. 

Radu Hanga
President BVB 

I appreciated the thematic content, the experience and expertise of the facilitators and special guests. Thank you for the opportunity and I recommend the Programme.

Karl Leidenfrost 
Managing Director HABAU
Member of the Management Board UPRUC CTR




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