Course Outline

CIIA (Certified International Investment Analyst) is an internationally recognised, advanced professional qualification. The certification examines candidates at a high standard and in a practical fashion on topics of interest for top professionals from the financial industry, such as brokers dealers, financial officers, economists, risk managers, legal and compliance officers and general management at investment banks, insurance companies, brokerage firms, financial engineers and other financial services providers. CIIA holders are also of high value in the financial management of a company: cash balance, working capital, capital structure analysis, financial models for funding etc.

The certification can be equated in the case of financial programs by the Authorities in Great Britain, France, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Greece and Poland. Outside of Europe, the CIIA diploma is recognized especially by regulators in Asia and South America. Also, holders of the CIIA certification are exempt from the first exam (out of 3) related to the PRM (Professional Risk Manager) certification based on a partnership with PRMIA (Professional Risk Managers' International Association) from the USA.





Assesment Process

CIIA examinations consist of two levels: 

The examinations are held twice a year each March and September. Both the Foundation and Final levels contain 7 modules:

The advanced training solution package offered by AAFBR and Envisia consists of:


Course & assesment timeline


For Exam 1, 15th September 2023, 16 hours in total

For Exam 2, 8th March 2024, 12 hours in total


Application Process

To apply to the advanced training solution offered by Envisia and AAFBR take in mind:

Full package price: 3,500 euro + TVA


About course


Envisia is the first business school in Romania for Board Directors. A Circle of trust, knowledge, expertise and insights. A place for Chairs, Senior Independent Directors, Non-Executive Directors, C-Suite level and high-calibre professionals to learn and develop sustainable business models and innovative approaches to organizational culture and future risks.
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The Romanian Association of Financial and Banking Analysts (AAFBR) is a non-profit professional association, established in 2008. Since its launch, AAFBR has aimed to present a professional point of view regarding the prospects of the Romanian economy through conferences with a financial profile, press releases following internal surveys among members and opinions expressed in the Romanian media. 
AAFBR thus wishes to offer useful tools to all companies interested in developments macroeconomics within the internal asset and liability management processes, to analysts who want a reference point for own estimates, the press that identifies economic challenges in the present and proposes solutions for the future, the university environment that orients on scientific research. 



ACIIA (Association of International Investment Analysts) is a non-profit international association established in 2000, in Switzerland, based on a network of National/Regional member societies which represent investment professionals in their respective countries/regions. ACIIA is an international partnership of 23 national and regional associations and 1 federation, EFFAS – European Federation of Financial Analysts Societies, representing over 60,000 financial analysts, portfolio managers and other professionals in finance areas worldwide.


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