Course Outline

Integrity and Ethics are core values of professionalism in financial services. Professionals within financial services owe important duties to their clients, the market, the profession, and society.     

This unique tool Integrity and Ethics at Work in Financial Services - course and Integrity Matters Test - provides financial institutions with a practical way to highlight to their employees the importance of understanding and practicing the integrity and ethics principles when performing their day-to-day activities. On completion of the course, the participants will be able to identify ethical behavior and to act with integrity at the workplace.

Study Materials

a. Integrity at Work in Financial Services – A Practical Guide to Trust and Integrity Dilemmas (vol. 5 – 78 pages), published by CISI - ISBN: 978-1-910590-28-7. 

b. GFCI Report – The Global Financial Centres Index 29 (March 2021): the Index serves as a valuable reference for policy and investment decisions and provides evaluations of competitiveness and rankings for the major financial centers around the world.   

c. Edelman Trust Barometer 2021

Interactive Workshop:

This distinctive workshop is delivered around the world and tackles real-life ethical challenges in the workplace, offering participants the opportunity to vote anonymously on how they would act before the challenges are explored and debated in an open and honest environment. 

By attending the workshop, the participants are introduced in the assessment test expectations, challenges, and practical approach.

The online workshop duration is 2 hours and a CISI UK expert facilitates it.

Course Assessment

Integrity Matters is an online test based on six dilemmas, which practitioners may face at work.

Pass mark: 19 out of 24        
Pass rate: 87%

The reviewing of the study materials and the participation at the workshop are compulsory before taking the final test: Integrity Matters.       

Successful candidates meeting the pass mark/pass rate criteria will receive a digital certificate issued by CISI, stating the completion and the passing of the Integrity Matters test. 
By completing the test, practitioners will be encouraged to think about how to act with integrity and be able to recognize situations and determine how best to respond.


Based on the educational partnership between CISI and ENVISIA, a unique opportunity is granted to the IntegrityMatters certificate holders:1 year FREE CISI Affiliate membership (ACSI/Affiliates: £178; membership valid until 31st March 2022).

CISI membership benefits for affiliate members grant access to various resources that are tailored for financial professionals to ensure they can maintain a high standard of knowledge, excel in their role and do their best job for their bank/company.

Professional benefits are the following:

Countinous Professional Development

During the 1 year complimentary CISI Affiliate membership, the participants may further develop professionally through other Professional Refresher eLearning modules on integrity and ethics:

All Professional Refresher modules contain online multiple-choice assessment, and a digital certificate can be printed upon successful completion.

Thus, the banks/companies are assuring the continuous professional development of their staff for one year after the course completion! During the 1 year FREE CISI Affiliate membership, the successful participants of the course & assessment could be asked to provide further certificates of completion of the Professional Refresher modules (no further fees are applicable).  


Application Process

April 4 to May 13, 2022

Registration by: March 28, 2022

Language: English
Audience: This course is ideal for anyone wishing to know more about Ethics, Integrity and Fairness in Financial Services from investment firms, insurance, and banking institutions. It will be particularly suitable to:
Compliance professionals and consultants
Financial Analysts and specialists from investment banking, commercial lending, sales & trading, risk management
Boards, NEDs and Senior Managers
Fee: 300 EUR + VAT. The payment shall be effected one week prior to the course starting. 

Extra-benefits: 1 year free CISI Affiliate membership (app.value £178).


The Integrity and Ethics at Work in Financial Services - course and IntegrityMatters test – can also be provided as an in-house course, your bank/company benefiting from: flexibility, team building, time management and cost-efficiency.  


March 28, 2022

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