Professionalism accompanied by strategic thinking and utter dedication are the attributes which describe Simona’s activity as a business lawyer and risk management expert. Employing her passion for excellence and outstanding positive energy, she has always handled all her business projects by combining thoughts and ideas with feelings and emotions, as the key for success lies not only in the brain and intellectual effort but more so in the heart and connection with people.

Simona is an alumnus of the N.I.A. Bucharest Faculty of Social Sciences and Communication, as well as of the U.B. Faculty of Law, having also obtained several master degrees and diplomas in Corporate Management, Managerial Communication and Human Resources, while also being a certified coach.

Believing in the renewing power of entrepreneurship and in continuous improvement through collective work, Simona is extremely involved in professional networks, volunteer programs and also as a board member of an international investment fund and of two notable NGOs with activities in gender balanced leadership and in combating fraud.