Simona is an experienced nonexecutive director who participated in more than 200 board meetings during the past 8 years, in addition to the executive board meetings she took part of during the 5 years of executive directorship in a large banking institution.

Simona currently holds two nonexecutive board functions, one in a majority state-owned company acting in the mining and food sector and, in a privately-owned listed company acting in the commercial real estate business. The other business segments she is specialized in refer to energy sector (productions and distribution) and financial markets (commercial and investment banking).

Her area of expertise includes corporate governance, corporate finance and internal audit as well as business strategy and business development.
Simona graduated the Academy of Economic Studies in Bucharest and built her expertise while pursuing an investment banking carrier, being involved in the foundation of Romanian capital market in the 90’s, from regulator’s position, consultant and equity specialized investment banker. Her professional maturity was in the commercial banking sector, built in a fast development and growth period in the years 2000 – 2008 followed by a deep restructuring amid 2009-2011. She held managerial positions from 2000 and, since 2006 she has been in directorship functions.

At present, Simona considers herself in the consolidation phase, aspiring to use her knowledge and experience for increasing companies’ sustainable growth as well as for enhancing the good corporate governance standards reason why Simona is also involved in various educational projects and volunteering engagements.