The first Envisia event of 2024 – The Art of Strategy: From Intention to Execution! We created an engaging evening: a mix of learning, discovery and fun, and an opportunity to find the best means to turn resolutions into reality. The invitees will be guided by two guest speakers, who will share valuable insights on setting intentions, leading us towards a year filled with growth. 

  • Gabriela Ciupitu - Co-Founder, Customer Experience Romania, with over 17 years of experience in multinational companies and entrepreneurship. She will address: the promise as a verbalized intention to business partners, employees, customers; customer's expectations in line with the promises received; the organization’s strategy to increase the probability of fulfilling the promises. 
  • Dr. Ana Iorga - CEO and Chief Neuroscientist, Buyer Brain, Medical Doctor with a PhD in Consumer Neuroscience and a double MBA degree in Marketing & Finance. She will address: why do New Year's resolutions fail; the brain - the saboteur of new resolutions; how to be successful in setting intentions - behavioral tricks.

Gabriela Ciupitu is a passioned Certified Customer Experience Professional and co-founder of Customer Experience Romania. Gabriela has relevant international experience in business management, designing and developing projects to transform the customer experience. Her primary mission is to connect customers and employees with the brand, products and services, and the organization through emotions and judgment, to drive results in customers’ loyalty and profitability.

Gabriela’s customer-centered approach has been appreciated and recognized by international organizations, being ranked by Customer Experience Magazine as #2 Top CX Influencer in the world. She has  also been nominated as a Member of the Board of Directors at Customer Institute and is a member of the judges' panel at International CX and Customer-Centric Awards. She has actively promoted the Customer Experience concepts ad best practices in Central and South-East Europe, by building de Romanian CX professionals community and organizing public events and the first CX conference in Romania, to set up global standards for CX and EX in the region.

Ana Iorga, a consumer neuroscience and behavioral sciences expert with a deep abiding passion for understanding human behavior. She spent over 15 years helping companies improve their customer experience and engagement strategies, across industries like Banking, Insurance, Consumer Goods, Manufacturing, Retail and Automotive. Dr. Iorga has received several awards for her contribution to the CX and communication professions: she was ranked 9th in the 2021 CX Stars Awards by Customer Experience Magazine, in 2020 she was nominated by Advertising Week as one of the most influential women in marketing and in 2019 she was the recipient of the GRIT Future List Award for her contribution to the insights industry.

Dr. Iorga is a Medical Doctor that holds a PhD in Consumer Neuroscience and a double MBA degree in Marketing & Finance. She founded Buyer Brain, a consumer neuroscience company that focuses on delivering non-conscious insights to drive customer engagement & loyalty. She serves on the editorial board of several academic and professional magazines, like NMSBA’s Insights Magazine and Frontiers in Neuroergonomics and is co-editor of Ethics in Neuromarketing, a path breaking book exploring the ethical challenges in consumer neuroscience.

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