An unique event in Romania, Future of Governance International Conference, organized by Envisia in partnership with ACCA – The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants, aims at building a global platform for top practitioners and policymakers to share their insights, research findings, best practices, challenges and future evolutions in the field of Governance. With the contribution of high level professionals and authorities, local and international, the event promotes responsible Corporate Governance, thus preparing companies and their boards for the present challenges and ecouraging them to foster a responsible corporate behavior throughout global value chains.

For the second edition edition, we chose to put the spotlight on driving sustainable governance in the boardroom. Because we believe that the success in harnessing the opportunities and benefits of a sustainable business development is inextricably linked with corporate governance and the boards need to ensure that a sustainable approach is led from the top.

The event is divided into three slots: keynote speeches and two debate, that aim to immerse its audience in the multifaceted realities of ESG and give guidance in integration of sustainability in the company strategy for long-term success. 


Who will join  

  • Chairs and Board Directors from some of the most important companies and institutions in Romania and abroad
  • Authorities, national and international
  • Governance Practitioners
  • C-suite Professionals representing some of the most prominent organisations
  • Media 

Why you should join  

  • Expand your perspective on challenges and future evolutions in the Corporate Governance field
  • Learn valuable insights from high-level professional with a wide expertise in board practice, corporate governance and sustainable growth
  • Be part of a professional community that shares the same values and principles 


The event will be held online via MyConnector platform. You can register and book your place here


The hosts of the Future of Governance Conference are Adriana Lobdă, Founder & Member of the Board Envisia, and Andreia Stanciu, Director Southern Europe ACCA.

  • 15.00 – 15.05  Intro: Launch of the 2nd Future of Governance Conference Conference 
  • 15.05 - 16.05  Keynote Speeches: Outlook on the Future of Sustainable Governance 
  • 16.05 - 17.10  Panel: Sustainability Leadership 
  • 17.10 - 18.15  Panel: ESG Stewardship  
  • 18.15 - 18.30  Conclusions: Driving Sustainable Governance in the Boardroom. Covered by Adriana Lobdă, Founder & Member of the Board Envisia, and Andreia Stanciu, Director Southern Europe ACCA.

  • Vessy Haralampieva, Senior Counsel, Associate Director, Governance - EBRD
  • Adrian Ciocănea, State Councilor, Romanian Government
  • Carmen Micu, Chair of the Board of Directors - IASE International
  • Maggie McGhee, Director Strategy and Governance - ACCA Global
  • Prof. Andrew Kakabadse - Chair of the Board Envisia; Professor Henley Business School Directorate Forum, University of Reading

Building sustainability is about strategic thinking and how the organizations should look in the future. This is why this is an important matter in the boardroom. Directors can take a longer-term view, beyond next year’s profits, and challenge top-management to do the same. Activating sustainable leadership requires a high coordination, starting with the board and senior leadership being aligned to the sustainability vision and roadmap, and allowing next-generation leaders and front-line employees to become conduits for embedding the sustainability agenda into the organization.

  • Anca Dragu, Senator, Romanian Senate
  • Alina Popa, Chief Financial Officer, OMV Petrom
  • Axel Kravatzky, Ph.D, Managing Partner, Syntegra-36
  • Dimitrios Goranitis, Global Leader – Financial Institutions Financial Risk and Regulation, Deloitte
  • Victoria Hurth, Fellow of the University of Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership, Independent Pracademic
  • Moderator: Andreia Stanciu, ACCA, Director Southern Europe

ESG stewardship means the understanding of how ESG expands your fiduciary and accountability duties in your role as steward of your company’s long-term success. While boards are seeking to meet the challenges and opportunities of ESG by establishing committees, they need to also focus on the moving parts of sustainability, increased education on relevant sustainability issues, and an enhanced mix of members of the board (individuals) who together challenge the status quo.

  • Daniela Șerban, Chair of the Board, ARIR
  • Flavia Popa, General Secretary of the Board, BRD Groupe Societe Generale
  • Luminița Runcan, Deputy CEO, Banca Transilvania
  • Marios M. Skandalis, Chair of the Board, Cyprus Integrity Forum
  • Moderator: Gabriela Hârțescu, PhD, Dean and Member of the Board, Envisia



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