Adrem offers a scholarship for the Program "Corporate Governance that creates value", launched by Envisia-Boards of Elite and the Bucharest Stock Exchange



Envisia - Boards of Elite and the Adrem group of companies invite professionals from the capital and business market to apply for a scholarship worth 5,000 euros, within the Program "Corporate Governance That Creates Value", run in partnership with the Stock Exchange Bucharest values. Candidates are expected to apply for the scholarship by June 5.




The program aims to raise awareness of the understanding of corporate governance legislation and practices, boost the competitiveness of boards of directors, promote good business practices and develop the specific skills and abilities required of a board member. By supporting the educational program, Adrem contributes to the creation of a solid culture of corporate governance in the Romanian business environment, aligned with the company's vision and values.

The selection committee for awarding the Adrem scholarship within the "Corporate Governance That Creates Value" Programme consists of high-level professionals and true supporters of education at board level:

  • Gabriela Hartescu, PhD, our Dean and COO
  • Simona PIRTEA, Managing Partner at Enache Pirtea & Associates
  • Corneliu Bodea, CEO Adrem
  • Mircea Busuioceanu, Chief Risk Officer, Raiffeisen Bank Romania

Currently at its fourth edition, the "Corporate Governance that creates value" program is addressed to all actors in the capital market, companies listed on the stock exchange, companies in the process of listing or interested in this process, intermediaries, authorities and relevant organizations and institutions whose activity intersects with the capital market.


Gabriela HÂRȚESCU, Dean and Chief Operating Officer Envisia – Boards of Elite: "We congratulate the Adrem company for the initiative to support the development of boards of directors members through specialized education, connected to the economic realities. And we are glad to have Adrem as a partner in this endeavour. It is important to have the support of the business environment, to cooperate and build together a strong and professional community of board members with common values and the interest to contribute to the creation of a sustainable future in the business environment and in society."


Corneliu BODEA – CEO Adrem: "The corporate governance is a company's responsibility and respect towards employees, shareholders and society, and its implementation creates added value and prepares the company to withstand tomorrow's economy, where barriers are reduced and where the consumer decides to be responsible. That is why we believe it is necessary to invest in education, especially in applied professional education, dedicated to the leadership of an organization, by connecting the priorities on the board of directors' agenda with specialized topics that offer the best practices and solutions in an educational product connected in real time to economic realities through the expertise of the facilitators in the program."


Radu HANGA, Chair Bucharest Stock Exchange: "The special program created together with our partners from Envisia is addressed to all companies listed on the stock exchange or not yet listed, which want to improve their corporate governance and at the same time stimulate the competitiveness of their boards of directors. Corporate governance has been a priority for the Bucharest Stock Exchange since its foundation. We believe that applying the principles of good governance in the interconnected world in which we live, can generate trust between business partners, an intangible asset that is hard to obtain, through constant efforts over time. We are glad that Adrem supports our program and offers the opportunity for a participant to benefit from all this knowledge by supporting it financially."


To enter the competition, all those interested must send their applications by June 5, 2023, to the email address: 

Applications must contain the following documents in electronic format:

  1. Letter of motivation in which the candidate presents why it is important for him/her to complete such a professional program;
  2. Letter of recommendation, in Romanian, from a board member.
  3. CV in Romanian or English. It is recommended to include all professional, academic and social achievements in your CV.
  • the CV must show management experience, or experience in boards of directors or at least 3 years of management experience with access to boards of directors.
  • knowledge of the English language at an intermediate level is also necessary (to be found in the CV).
  • The CV must be accompanied by a copy of the bachelor's degree (long-term university studies) or master's degree.

The evaluation of the applications will be carried out by a jury made up of representatives of the business environment. The scholarship winner will be announced on June 7, 2023. Details about the program content, theme, facilitators and schedule are available at: