Apply for a Scholarship within the “Corporate Governance That Creates Value” Programme



Envisia and the Adrem group of companies launch the 2nd edition of the scholarship granted within the "Corporate Governance That Creates Value" Programme! We invite all professionals from the capital and business market to apply for a 5,000 euro worth scholarship. Candidates are expected to apply by 2nd November 2023.




Developed in partnership with the Stock Exchange Bucharest, the "Corporate Governance That Creates Value" Programme aims to raise awareness of the understanding of corporate governance legislation and practices. It also boosts the competitiveness of boards of directors, promotes good business practices and develops necessary skills.

How to apply for the scholarship

To enter the competition, candidates must send their applications by 2nd November 2023, to the email address, containing:

  • Letter of motivation in which the candidate presents why it is important for him/her to complete such a professional program;
  • Letter of recommendation, in Romanian, from a board member;
  • CV in Romanian or English. It is recommended to include all professional, academic and social achievements in your CV. 

The resume must show management experience or experience in boards of directors or at least 3 years of management experience with access to boards of directors. Must be accompanied by a copy of the bachelor's degree (long-term university studies) or master's degree, and contain insights on the level of English language (intermediate). 

The applications evaluation will be carried out by a jury consisting of representatives of the business environment: 

  • Gabriela Hârțescu, PhD, Dean and COO Envisia
  • Simona Pirtea, Managing Partner at Enache Pirtea & Associates
  • Corneliu Bodea, CEO Adrem
  • Mircea Busuioceanu, Chief Risk Officer at Raiffeisen Bank Romania. 

The scholarship winner will be announced on 10th November 2023


Who should apply for the Programme

The "Corporate Governance That Creates Value" Programme is dedicated to all actors in the capital market, intermediaries, relevant authorities and organizations and financial institutions linked with the capital market. The programme is also useful for organizations interested in implementing corporate governance practices and entrepreneurial initiatives.

  • Board Members from listed companies, companies aimed at accessing the capital market, other actors of the capital market and of the economic system
  • Representatives of the executive management/ C-level positions: General Managers, Chief Financial Officers, Chief Operating Officers. Also, the program addresses any management position that interacts with board directors
  • Advisory Board Members
  • Board members in entrepreneurial businesses
  • Investors
  • Company General Secretaries
  • Professionals / Consultants working closely with the boards of big companies and listed companies and that aspire to get a board position. Such as: financial analysts, lawyers, tax specialists.
  • Experienced board members wishing to keep up to date with information and trends needed to fulfill their mandate for this position


Course and assessment timeline

The Programme will start on 16th November 2023. It has in total 45 hours and runs between November 2023 and January 2024:

  • November 16 (12.30 – 18.45)
  • November 17 (10.00 –19.00)
  • December 14 (10.00 – 19.15)
  • December 15 (10.00 –16.45)
  • January 18 (10.00 – 17.45)
  • January 19 (10.00 - 17.30)

The final assessment consists of a simulation of a board meeting and will take place on 27th January 2024. The graduation ceremony will take place on 8th February. 

Upon successful completion of the program, Envisia Business School and the Bucharest Stock Exchange will issue a Diploma of Excellence in Corporate Governance.