Launch of the Educational Partnership between ENVISIA and AMEPIP Marks a New Chapter for Good Governance in Romania in the Context of Romania's Accession to the OECD



At the international conference "Future of Governance," ENVISIA - Boards of Elite and the Agency for Monitoring and Evaluating Public Enterprises' Performance (AMEPIP) officially announced the launch of a strategic educational partnership. This partnership aims to promote excellence in corporate governance and the professionalization of board members in the public and private sectors.




"In a constantly changing world, and considering the socio-political context that has recently made it difficult for good news and positive events to reach us first, I was delighted to attend a different kind of event. An event already in its 3rd edition, bringing together people from business, public administration, research, academia, and civil society.

I opened the "Future of Governance" Conference, organized by the Envisia Association in partnership with the General Secretariat of the Government. The event facilitated a series of discussions about opportunities, rigor, the reform priorities we are committed to in the field of corporate governance, and the steps the Romanian Government is constantly taking to prevent any deviation from the European legislative framework and to create a fair and credible business environment for all companies in Romania, whether they have exclusively private or mixed, public-private capital.

We are in great need of specialists in the field of corporate governance. Especially now, in the midst of the OECD accession process, when we are constantly engaged in fully respecting and aligning with European standards and practices in the field. I congratulate the Envisia Association for organizing the Conference, as well as for the activity they carry out and for the constant effort to identify prestigious educational partnerships, both for the professionalization of board members through study programs such as the Master of Arts in Board Practice and Directorship (in partnership with Henley Business School), or Corporate Governance that Creates Value (in partnership with the Bucharest Stock Exchange), and for their future projects," declared Mr. Mircea Abrudean, Secretary General of the Government.


"It was an honor to be alongside professionals and valuable partners in the field of corporate governance at the third edition of the 'Future of Governance' organized by ENVISIA – Boards of Elite. This year marks a crucial moment for corporate governance in Romania, a field in which, through collaboration with international experts and institutions such as the OECD, we have managed to integrate best practices. Looking back at our progress, we see that these efforts have often placed us in the league of promoters of good practices in corporate governance.

The partnership that we have launched and are consolidating with ENVISIA underscores our shared commitment to continue this journey of excellence and innovation in corporate governance and the professionalization of the board member role. This collaboration not only unites us in common goals but also amplifies the impact we aim to have in both the public and private sectors, aligning us with the stringent standards of the OECD.

It is essential to attract and leverage expertise from the private sector, and through initiatives such as the board panel and the body of administrators, AMEPIP aims to develop and maintain a well-informed and prepared community of experts to occupy key positions on boards of directors. In this way, we promote corporate governance that is not only compliant but also a leader in global excellence practices," declared Mr. Mihai Precup, President of AMEPIP, on the occasion of signing the strategic educational partnership with ENVISIA - Boards of Elite.


"Specialized education for promoting the best practices in corporate governance and professionalizing the role of a board member is the mission and essence of Envisia – Boards of Elite's activities. This imperative is achieved through top partnerships with universities, professional associations, and relevant organizations nationally and internationally, as well as through collaboration with renowned experts and practitioners. By signing the strategic educational partnership with AMEPIP, we take on the responsibility of actively contributing to Romania's efforts to join the OECD by developing programs and courses that ensure the necessary portfolio of knowledge, skills, and competencies for a professional board member, laying the foundations for responsible governance structures and contributing to the development of a business environment that generates long-term economic and social progress," stated Dr. Gabriela Hârțescu, Dean and Board Member of Envisia – Boards of Elite.


The signing ceremony of the educational partnership between ENVISIA and AMEPIP was a landmark event, attended by over 150 participants from various business sectors, representatives of Romanian authorities, members of the Romanian Government, as well as representatives of regulatory and investment institutions. The signing act was honored by Mr. Mihai Precup, President of AMEPIP, Mrs. Carmen Micu, CEO and board member of ENVISIA, President of the IASE Global Board, Mrs. Adriana Lobdă, also a board member of ENVISIA, and Mrs. Gabriela Hârțescu, PhD, Dean and board member of ENVISIA and Fellow Visitor at Henley Business School.

The event underscored the shared commitment to promoting corporate governance and the professionalization of board members, reflecting a significant collaborative effort between the public and private sectors.

Special Thanks to the Event Sponsors
The success of the conference was largely due to the support from sponsors: BRD, Adrem, Raiffeisen Bank, CEC Bank, Teraplast, Moore, ONV Law, Brisk, NOA, Autonom, Public Affairs Solutions, Ana Hotels and Enache Pirtea & Asociatii. Their contributions were crucial in facilitating meaningful discussions and advancing governance practices.