Envisia - Boards of Elite Announces New Educational Partnership with AAI - Independent Directors Association



We are delighted to announce an exciting new educational partnership with the AAI - Independent Directors Association!




The educational partnership between Envisia – Boards of Elite and The Independent Directors Association is a strategic project meant to increase the performance of Boards of Directors across Romania and in our region by providing ongoing education and development opportunities for board members.  

The business environment is continuously resetting the bar for effective board oversight. To help boards stay agile and relevant, specialized board education should be developed to reflect the rapidly evolving external developments and their impact on strategy, risk mitigation, talent oversight. 

The variety of the education programs offered by Envisia – Boards of Elite can help boards become a major competitive advantage for their organizations. Education is key to growing outstanding individuals into great value-adding board members and into successful boards. 

Education is an ongoing process that requires commitment, continuous improvement, and a culture of excellence. Both Envisia and AAI promote corporate governance for business excellence while sharing the mission to help organizations to strengthen their boards and enhance overall governance practices.

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