Reflecting on the Future of Governance International Conference 2024



On May 13, 2024, the Future of Governance International Conference captivated audiences in Bucharest, focusing on "Governance Challenges in a Global Ecosystem." Hosted at the InterContinental Athénée Palace, the event featured notable speakers, who delved into global, regional, and local governance trends and challenges.




A pioneering event in Romania, the Future of Governance International Conference fosters high-level debates on the principles that govern our business community and society. The Event encourages responsible behavior throughout global value chains. The conference provided an international stage for elite representatives from national and European high-level institutions, renowned professional associations, leading governance experts, and influential figures from the business environment. Guests speakers generously shared their insights, research findings, best practices, challenges, and perspectives on the future of governance.

Experts, authorities, regulators, top notch consultants, business representatives, international voices debated the latest trends in governance, offering insights into the challenges and opportunities faced by organizations globally. Over 160 high-level professionals in the audience enriched the event. Representatives from top companies, institutions, regulators, and Chambers of Commerce were engaged in networking discussions, further spreading the conference’s impact. 

Themes debated during the panels

  • Disruptive Innovations: About the use of artificial intelligence and regulations for its responsible use in the public and private sectors.
  • Global Challenges: In implementing the necessary regulations for building a sustainable business environment – ESG principles.
  • Influences of Governance Standards: From the public sector on companies globally.


Participation at the conference was an opportunity for those interested in gaining a better understanding of the discussed topics, thanks to top speakers such as Mr. Mircea Geoană, Deputy Secretary General of NATO, Mrs. Anna Akhalkatsi, Country Manager for Romania and Hungary at the World Bank, Mr. Mircea Abrudean, Secretary General of the Government with ministerial rank, Mr. Adrian Țuțuianu, Deputy Secretary General of the Government, Mr. Mihai Precup, President of the Agency for Monitoring and Evaluating the Performance of Public Enterprises (AMEPIP), Mr. Luca Niculescu, State Secretary/National Coordinator for Romania's OECD accession process, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Florin Spătaru, State Adviser at the Prime Minister's Chancellery, Mr. Dinu Bumbăcea, National Executive Partner, Consulting Leader, PwC Romania, Mrs. Aurelia Costache, Partner, Artificial Intelligence & Data Leader, EY, Mr. Andrei Burz-Pînzaru, Partner, Deloitte Legal, Mrs. Antonia Colibașanu, Senior Fellow and Senior Analyst, Geopolitical Futures, Foreign Policy Research Institute, Mrs. Christina Verchere, CEO OMV Petrom, Mr. Andrew Kakabadse, Professor of Governance and Strategic Leadership, one of the top 50 thinkers in the world, representing Henley Business School and Envisia Business School.

Sponsors and Special Thanks:
The success of the conference was largely due to the support from sponsors: BRD, Adrem, Raiffeisen Bank, CEC Bank, Teraplast, Moore, ONV Law, Brisk, NOA, Autonom, Public Affairs Solutions, Ana Hotels and Enache Pirtea & Asociatii. Their contributions were crucial in facilitating meaningful discussions and advancing governance practices.